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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Cardigan

Amy Karol (Angry Chicken) came up with this brilliant idea to turn a long sleeve t-shirt into a light weight Summer cardigan. All it takes is 3 cuts, no sewing! I'm going to have to stop myself before I cut up all my long sleeve shirts. :) These are a couple pictures of my first one, which I am just loving. I used a v-neck shirt and decided to add a little snap to hold the top together.


The Queen of Clearance said...

amazing! Going to try it...right now! thanks!

Gail :) said...

I have been wanting to try it ever since I saw it! Yours looks amazing.

cheryl said...

I love so many of her great ideas.
Looks good mama!
So fun to see your blog too.
I've been terrible about updating ours lately, just not enough hours in the day. ;o)

michellejohnnie said...

I love this idea. I just put it on my blog. I will add your blog as where I found it and hopefully get you some traffic!!!