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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Make A Memory {EVERYDAY}

I was inspired by Nikki's Summer Diary over at Whimsy Love to make a memory everyday with my kids. She planned something fun to do with her girls every day during Summer break and she does a great job documenting it on her blog. I always have a long list of ideas of things that I want to do with the kids, but I sometimes have a hard time getting them done. So, I decided to plan out enough activities for the Summer and gather all the supplies and instructions into one file folder basket. That way, each day we can just pull out a file folder and everything is ready to go. I'll be posting all of our activities on here. 
Here's our basket, all ready to go!

And an extra box of supplies that didn't fit in the basket:

Kristine McKay has an awesome free e-book with Summer fun ideas. You can find it here. In addition to our everyday activities, I also made an "I'm Bored" jar with her free printable. My kids don't generally say "I'm Bored" all that often. They seem to think they have to say the "b" word to draw something from the jar. So, I think a name change is in order for ours! :)  Thank you, Kristine, for the awesome idea! We used a hot cocoa mix container and Mod Podged some fabric to the outside.
Stay tuned for all of our "Make a Memory Everyday" projects.