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Monday, March 14, 2011

Schoolhouse Remodel In Progress Pictures

As promised, I wanted to share some of the pictures of our schoolhouse remodel in progress. You can see the before pictures here. These pictures are of some of the work that has been done over the last 2 months.

Lathe and plaster were torn off all exterior walls and wood floors were sanded down:

This wall paper was a fun surprise:

The exterior walls and the new walls were all framed and all new electrical was added:

Spray-in insulation was added to all exterior walls:

All of the plumbing was replaced, which meant digging up the concrete in the basement:

New drywall on walls and ceilings throughout the house:

Bedrooms, bathroom and hallway were built into one of the classrooms:

The staircase was sanded down (this picture was taken when only the bottom set of stairs had been sanded):

My husband has accomplished a lot in two months, and there's still a lot more to do. I will be posting more on individual rooms soon.


Chelle said...

Can't wait to see the next "progress' post!

mustangkayla said... have gotten a lot done! Thanks for the progress pictures!

Care said...

incredible progress! Can't wait to see more! :o)

(That wallpaper is gorgeous!)