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Saturday, September 12, 2009

One Lovely Blog Award

What a fun surprise I got this morning! Mama Mel honored me with the "One Lovely Blog" award.
 ((Thank you!))
I am going to pass this award along to some wonderful blogs that I highly recommend you all check out! 
Has great projects and tutorials. I can't wait to make some of these flaming pants for my boys
Has wonderful projects and beautiful pictures! Check out her Tulle Skirt, it's AMAZING!
Always has fantastic sewing projects and great tutorials. I'm already setting aside baby clothes to turn into doll clothes using her tutorial.
Has so many fun and creative ideas, especially for little ones. Her Family Shape puzzle would make a great gift!
Has some of the cutest ideas I've seen, especially for quick and easy sewing projects


Care said...

Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog too!

Mama Mel said...

:) Have a great week!

Beth said...

I found your blog by accident and glad I did. We have a lot in common and I to love to sew and do quick projects. Check out our blog to.
Thanks again.

Meg said...

Hey I was part of the Christmas tutorial swap that you and Deanna set up. Just wondering if you had a big turn out? Or if you wanted to participate in a 9 patch swap? I'd love to sort something out but have no idea where to start :(