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Friday, May 22, 2009


At our house, one of the most exciting things about warmer weather is TOADS! We love finding toads, catching them, and letting them go. There's nothing like the squeals of delights from a little boy trying to catch a toad. This week, we were inspired by this post to make our own toad house to put in our flower bed.
A fat toad trying out the new abode.
Check out Kid Friendly Friday, at I Blame My Mother, to see what other moms are doing with their kiddos this week.


Katie said...

Your kids are lucky that their mommy is into the whole toad thing! I would probably not be as much fun as to make them so welcome and make them homes! The kids around here love catching toads and frogs from ponds but we live far enough down away from them, that I hope my daughter doesn't become facinated with catching them.

Lisa said...

So glad you made one. He looks quite happy, well as happy as a toad can look.

:) Lisa